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What People Are Saying

From large organizations to individual executives, Fernando Olivo has a diverse client-base. Regardless of the scale, the result is always the same - impactful results and lasting change. Check out their client list and reviews below.


"In a short period of time, he has taught me things that would have taken me years to learn. By being my mentor, he has given me priceless gifts that will carry me through life. I am confident and self-assured by his shining example. My success is due to all of your constant guidance and support. Thank you for being a truly exceptional leader with incredible skills that I admire from your many years of experience."



"We had the pleasure of partnering with Fernando Olivo for eight of our company's business development workshops, and the impact has been nothing short of extraordinary. Fernando's unique coaching approach and deep understanding of our industry allowed us to uncover untapped potential within our team.

His ability to connect with our leaders on a personal level created an environment of trust and openness, fostering effective communication and collaboration. Through his guidance, we developed a strategic roadmap that aligned with our organizational goals and addressed key challenges we were facing.

The workshops were not only insightful but also highly engaging, keeping our team fully invested throughout the entire process. Fernando's expertise and practical exercises equipped us with invaluable tools and techniques that we continue to implement in our day-to-day operations.

What truly sets Fernando apart is his genuine passion for making a difference. Knowing that the profits from the workshops contribute to Earth=Water's mission to combat water pollution added an extra layer of fulfillment to our experience. We not only witnessed growth within our organization but also contributed to a greater cause.

We are incredibly grateful for the transformative impact Fernando Olivo's business development workshops have had on our company. Our executives and team members now have the clarity, skills, and motivation needed to drive our business forward. If you're looking for a coach who brings expertise, empathy, and a commitment to positive change, Fernando Olivo is the one to trust."

Astra Zhang, JURONG CEO


"Working with Fernando Olivo and attending his personal development workshops has been a game-changer for our company. Fernando's unique ability to connect with leaders from diverse backgrounds truly impressed us. Through his guidance and expertise, our team experienced a remarkable transformation.

Fernando's workshops provided us with practical tools and strategies to enhance our personal and professional growth. The sessions were engaging, thought-provoking, and tailored to our specific needs. We were able to identify and overcome our limiting beliefs, develop effective communication skills, and cultivate a growth mindset.

Not only did Fernando help us unlock our true potential, but he also instilled a sense of purpose and passion within our team. We felt inspired to reach new heights and achieve extraordinary results. The impact on our company culture and productivity has been outstanding.

What sets Fernando apart is his genuine commitment to making a difference. Knowing that 100% of the profits from his workshops go directly to a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing water pollution is truly commendable. We are proud to have contributed to such a meaningful cause while investing in our own development.


If you're seeking a personal development coach who can deliver tangible results and make a positive impact, we highly recommend Fernando Olivo. His workshops are not just transformative; they are an opportunity to create a better world while unleashing your full potential. Thank you, Fernando, for the profound impact you've had on our company and our lives."

Cici Wang, CNEG CEO

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