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The Way of New Beginnings: Embracing Hope through The Humble Ego Wisdom

One morning, a monk asked me to draw my life with clouds while looking at the white pagoda in the Tayuan Temple on Mount Wutai. I had to stop for a moment, thinking that I heard wrong. I asked him to repeat, and he said again: draw your life with clouds.

More than a decade has passed, and I still question the meaning of it. And after many moons, I found the answer.

In the Taoist realm of wisdom, where nature murmurs the secrets of life, each dawn is celebrated as a harbinger of new beginnings, each bud bursting with the exuberance of new hope. This is a world where, in the fluid dance of yin and yang, even endings are the stirrings of fresh starts. It is in the embrace of this cyclical nature of existence that we find the essence of hope. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

We may not always see the way forward, and the path may not always be clear, but "The Master sees things as they are, without trying to control them. He lets them go their own way and resides at the circle's center." This acceptance of the unfathomable mystery, the belief in the inexplicable yet harmonious working of the universe, kindles the flames of hope.

It takes a heart to be open to see the seeds of new beginnings in every ending. The setting sun is not merely an ending; it promises a new dawn, an assurance that light will return. This ancient wisdom teaches us that every crisis is an opportunity, every struggle a lesson, and every failure a stepping stone toward success. These are the undercurrents of life's stream, where hope stirs like a thousand silver fishes, leaping and diving with life's rhythmic flow.

Embracing the Humble Ego wisdom means accepting change, the shifting landscapes of our lives, without fear or resistance. We need resilience and adaptability like bamboo bending with the wind yet never breaking. Life is not a static experience but a dynamic journey full of unexpected turns. We find a chance to grow, evolve, and embrace the new with hope-filled hearts in these bends and curves.

New Beginnings: Draw your life with clouds.

I know it is hard to release the weight of past disappointments, fears, and doubts. Hard to shed these old skins of despair and to rise, naked and new, into the arms of a fresh day. It is hard to find the courage to step into the unknown, dream new dreams, and paint on the blank canvas of tomorrow with the vibrant colors of hope.

And it is on that canvas where we should always draw clouds. Hope is more than just wishful thinking. It is a deep-seated belief in life's inherent goodness and the boundless potential of the human spirit. Drawing clouds lets us understand that no problem is more significant than our canvas. Even when clouds bring rain, there is a rainbow at the end, and the canvas becomes a masterpiece.

I understand how scary it seems to start again. I also know that even before the problem arises, the solution is already there for you, next to you.

Let us meet each day with gratitude and reverence for the miracle of existence and the infinite possibilities within every moment. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

In the realm of skies, where dreams doth unfold,

A tale of life, by clouds, it is foretold.

Each wisp, a fragment of my soul's decree,

Embracing joys and sorrows, wild and free.

Upon this canvas, heavens brushed in white,

With tears of raindrops glistening in the twilight,

I trace the path of memories untold,

In every whispering breeze, they are enrolled.

As dawn arose, in tender hues, it kissed,

The innocence of youth, so unmissed,

A canvas painted bright, with hues of gold,

But fleeting as the sun, a tale unfolds.

Yet, storms amassed like shadows in disguise,

They danced and weaved within the azure skies.

The tempests roared, and thunder shook my core,

But through the darkest nights, I'd soar and soar.

Oh, how the clouds revealed their mystic art,

A mirror of my soul, a beating heart.

Each gentle float, a dream I dared to dream,

A chance to heal, to grow, to love, to gleam.

In moments draped with joy, my heart would soar,

On cotton wings, above the world, I'd soar.

Dance with life, don't ever stop

The clouds are a muse that kisses you from the top.

Yet, even clouds must part and drift away,

Leaving shadows cast upon the day.

In loss and grief, they weep for all I miss,

But still, they whisper hope in every kiss.

This canvas of my life, a work of art,

Painted with clouds, each playing its part.

In rain and shine, they've etched a tale so grand,

The masterpiece of life, drawn by my hand.

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